About My Photography

I have loved photography for several years now.  For Christmas one year, I recieved my first camera!  It was once of those small pollariod cameras with the film you would pull out of one end and wait for the picture to show up.  A few years later I recived by first digital camera for Christmas in 2002.  I had many fun times with my little sister setting up photo shoots for our cats.  We would dress them up in doll clothes and pose them on the doll couches and beds.  We would even set up a sheet for the back drop!  Good times right there!
As I grew older, so did my camera and eventually I bought myself a new small digital camera.  It wasn't anything special but it worked for taking a few pictures here and there.  I started to get creative and learned to use photoshop when I was in 11th grade in my Digital Media Studio class.  I took a few really great pictures and had fun editing them and changing the look.  I made my little sister and her friends dress up and pose as the seven deadly sins after watching an episode of ANTM where they did a photo shoot based off of the sins.  It was always a lot of fun and I enjoyed being creative and taking pictures.
In my senior year of high school I decided to do some research and spend my hard earned money on my first DSLR camera.  At the time, I decided that I would get the camera that was the best deal.  I found one and it was a Sony Alpha.  It came with two lens and I thought it was a great deal.  As soon as I bought it, I was taking pictures of everything possible.  (Going a little bit overboard at times!).  I usually never left the house without my camera. 
I would make my little sister and her boyfriend at the time pose for pictures at different places doing different "couple" poses.
In senior year I started an internship at Color Motion Studio where I learned many techniques on how to take different portrait pictures from just one person to large groups.  I learned how they edit the pictures on photoshop and how they printed the pictures too.  I really enjoyed interning there and loved taking pictures of all the people that came in.  It was a great experience to learn how the professionals took pictures.
After my internship ended, I used the skills that I gained on my own photo shoots that I took.  Near the end of my senior year, my senior class went to Washington DC.  I, of course, brought my camera with me and took pictures of everything.  My favorite place to take pictures was at the National Botanical Gardens.  I loved all the flowers and plants there.  They are all just so photogenic and I had the best time taking Macro pictures them.
After graduating high school, I went off to University at Trinity Western University.  It is really beautiful where my school is with lots of great areas for photo shoots.  I would take my friends out and we would do photo shoots in the Back Forty and by the pond.  Taking pictures always gave us something fun to do when it wasn't raining outside.
After finishing my first year of university I went on a travel study to Guatemala.  I took my camera everywhere while I was there taking pictures of everything that we passed by.  I knew there would be a contest to enter into during the next school year.
After returning home from Guatemala, I spent my summer taking pictures for friend's proms, pictures of my sister and her boyfriend, and many other pictures.  My family went to Hawaii where we all took pictures on the beach for our family memories. 
At the beginning of the next school year I received the email saying that the contest was going to be opening for submissions soon and so I got to work.  I was able to enter a total of 12 pictures into the contests.  Three per category.  After editing around 20 of them I eliminated the ones with the help from the girls in my dorm.  They helped me pick the ones that they liked best out of my favorites.  After entering them, I waited and waited for the email with the winners to be sent.  When it was I found out that one of my pictures had won an "honorable mention" in the contest! I was so excited that I had actually won something with my photography!
Over Christmas break that year, I had business cards made so I could start to get my business started.  Of course like all small businesses, I have had a hard time starting it.  I am always reliable to ask to bring my camera along to take pictures of everyone and everything going on.
That is about how my photography began but I have a long way still to go in becoming a great photographer.

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