Monday, April 9, 2012

When the Sun comes out, So does the camera.

It has been a long crazy winter here in BC.  We have had some crazy weather with very little warm days this entire winter and even going into spring.  Finally the sun decided to make an appearance and give us all a little joy.  With this, the camera must come out to enjoy the bright light and green grass and great friends.  

After chapel one Friday, I looked at Deanna and said "You look so cute! Can I take your picture?" And so that began the short 15 minute photoshoot of Deanna and Shelby.  I quickly ran into my apartment and grab George [my camera] and quickly snapped a few pictures before he died [no use = dead battery].  

These pictures were quite possibly for my final project for my art class, however I decided to go in a different direction so instead I just had fun editing these for Deanna and Shelby to enjoy.

Here they are! Enjoy!

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